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Hello,I am a 56 year old man of normal weight. I am currently being treated by a orthotics technician. I am having problems with forefoot splay and too much pronation. His orthotics are arched from the rear of the orthotic to the forefoot area. I think I would be better if the orthotic itself was flat with a small perfect placed arch support under the arch with a lip on the lateral forefoot to stop the splay. He currently has a small lift under the lateral forefoot. It's not working. My foot feels like it has no support any where when using this orthotic ? Any ideas ? I had previously used a shoe where I did not need a orthotic but Red Wing changed the design of this shoe. The shoe was a 9 B width with a small toebox, a hard rubber or ployurathan sole with wedge sole. When wearing this shoe I could feel some pressure in the arch in a small area, also in the side of the lateral side of the shoe right past the little toe going towards the rear of the foot. When I removed this shoe my foot looked narrower and had a more normal look. Also when wearing this shoe I would have a small hole starting to form where the pressure was on the lateral side of the side of the shoe, but the pressure was never a problem.
Thank You.

Hi Doug, couple things you should consider
1. We would expect orthotics person to fit you properly, -initial key is- are they comfortable & did you allow enough break-in time
2. Get podiatrist opinion re what your problem & needs are
3.excessive foot pronation & foot splay should respond well to proper orthotics-- proper shoes also important but basically, if orthotic comfortable in shoe or boot - we're happy
4. You're not the export re what type, phalanges, posts ETC are necessary- orthotist should be competant BUT -- PODIATRY opinion needed
Hope this is helpful... Dr. Bob Weil

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