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I have been quite active all my life; doing some acrobatics stuff for years.
I recently started studying sports and I also train gymnastics+handbalancing 4 times a week.

I have sometimes felt kind of a click in my groin, when I did cartwheels or round-offs. But it wasnít painful at all, it just snapped a little and after some shaking and twisting it was fine again.
Some weeks ago, 3 hours after training, when I was watching TV and wanted to get up, I noticed some pain in my groin. I donít know where it came from. It got aggravated when I was abducting my leg, knee towards chest as well as inner rotation.
It subsided after some days. It is better now, I just always have this snapping when doing cartwheels and even handstands, but it is not painful at all. Also splits donít hurt.
The only thing that really hurts is when I support myself in a straddle L position (I hope you know what this is).
Here is a picture:

When I do a normal L-Sit, I donít feel it, just sometimes a little bit. The same is with leg raises, they almost aggravate no pain, just a little bit. But as soon as I straddle my legs during the exercises I feel a sharp shooting pain in my groin. The strange thing is Ė sometimes itís fine, if this snapping thing is in the right place it doesnít hurt.

I know that my right hip joint is not ideally round, so I have hip impingement CAM type, which can cause laberal damage. I have been to two specialists. The first one was really mean, he said I am just not made for sports, although he didnít even do any tests or something . I should quit immediately or the symptoms will just worsen and I will need a new hip (I am 20 btw).  The other one did some test, which didnít aggravate any pain, just some clicking, but no stiffness or limited range of motion.
He said itís fine, I should just take it a little easier on running, sprints or obstacle runs. Maybe I will get some arthritis in my 60s Ė but well, I donít really care now!
I really want to continue doing sports. It has been part of my life since ever, or it basically is my life, as even my job as a sports teacher!

I donít need train a lot that puts stress on my hips. I am planning to do running exercises (either a jog or some sprints) once a week for less than an hour. The remaining cardio work I will do on the elliptical or go swimming. I need to stretch a lot due to gymnastics, but I wonít do middle splits, just front splits, as they are easier on the hip.
I am doing a lot of handbalancing, so I donít do any split jumps or jumping exercises in general.
I guess tucks and handprings are fine.

But what about Round-Offs? I wonít overtrain them, but I will need to do them at least twice a week for some time.
And press handstands? I guess if you do the handstand presses in a pike position is fine, but straddle is really bad for me.
I am super scared that I wonít be able to continue. I think I do not need surgery right now, but what about my sport? Will it really worsen that much? Is there no option for prevention?
Next week, I am going to see a third specialist and will ask about physiotherapy. I just wanted to get another opinion, as this is really frustrating me!
Would surgery prevent any further damage? What is your opinion?

I hope you can help me!

PS: I think this website and service is great!
PPS: Please excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes Ė I am from Austria!

Hi Katherina- You need to have sports Orthopaedist & physical therapy identify what is going on in these hip areas. No doubt, gymnastics with all it's physical demands & position like straddling, jumping, & super stretching put great stress & demand on these areas. Often, clicking & snapping without pain or discomfort is no big deal, but when symptoms are noted-- different story. You need X-rays , MRI, possible diagnostic ultra sound exams to rule out any micro tears, sports hernia concerns etc. Sounds like you're going to see specialist- good move! You need DIAGNOSIS! Back off your intensity until you know.. Hope this helps, good luck, Dr. Bob Weil

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