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QUESTION: Hello: I fell and tore my Erector spinea right beside my L4-L5.  My physiotherpist has found with a contraction of this muscle, there is movement below, but no movement of the muscle in the upper part.  I have had a mri, but they were looking for nerve, and disc problems. This muscle is dropping down from it's lower attachment(tailbone), and causing me a lot of pain. I can feel it when it lands on my right glute muscle. It is getting into a bunch of nerves around my tailbone and making me incontenant. Ten's machine placed over the bad spot in the muscle, and I can feel it pick up, and I am perfectly fine. Can a complete tear be fixed?

ANSWER: Hello Barrie!

Unfortunately, I have answered your current question twice, and both times it has disappeared off the screen!  At this point, I will summarize my answer to see if this will be sent as it should be.

I suggest very strongly that you find a GOOD Neurosurgeon because you have a very serious injury to your lower back and sacral nerves.  Yes, a good Neurosurgeon will be able to rectify this injury if you do not wait too much longer.  It sounds as though you have a "Cauda Equina Syndrome" that has developed due to the massive injury to your Lumbar nerves.  This injury could eventually leave you paralyzed in the lower body, and the worse scenario would be the necessity of a Cholostomy with paralysis.

So, in light of this information, I would not hesitate to find a very good Neurosurgeon, sooner than later.

Please let me know what has transpired with your injury, and what you have done to find someone that knows what they are doing.

Thank you for your note, and I certainly hope this information will get to you this time!

Dr. Patricia Arthur

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QUESTION: Hello: I am having trouble finding someone to help me. I think the lower part of the erector spinea is doing all the damage.  It is gripping down on me really badly. Does this mean the muscle is still not completely seperated? If I place a ten's machine, one on the upper , and one on the lower, the muscle seems to respond to this.  The Cauda symptoms will slow down, but the second I remove the ten's, the cauda symptoms come back. I have had many times when I can not stand, I just stop being able to hold myself up. The ten's machine seems to sync up the  split muscle. It was a nurologist that ordered my MRI.

Hello Barrie!

I'm not familiar with your medical system there, but I strongly recommend another visit to the Neurologist, and ask him for a referral to a neurosurgeon.  You have a serious injury that needs a good Neurosurgeon to analyze this problem.

If you decide to wait too much longer, the chances of paralysis of the gut AND lower extremities becomes paramount.  Now, don't waste another minute talking about it, do something.  Whomever you speak with, insist you need a Neurosurgeon consult now!  If all fails, then go to a big hospital with an emergency room, and they will eventually get you a Neurosurgeon to see you.

To have this injury is a scary situation, and the longer you wait, the worse it gets.  Please do something now, and I would like to have you write a short note back to me explaining what is happening to you.  Thank you, Barrie, and I look forward to your reply.

Dr. Patricia Arthur

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