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I am an expert in another area.  A couple of months ago I tripped over a wire and my left knee became swollen.  Icing it helped. I then purchased a very soft "brace" and wore it for some time.  The injury seemed to heal.  However, I visited a grave site and kneeled on the ground; this re-injured the knee.  There has been no swelling since and I have had an x-ray.  Some small amount of fluid was seen and very minor arthritis (not contributory).  I then purchased a WinZone brace, thinking it would support my knee and allow it to heal.  It appears the brace has actually worsened the condition.  Today my horse "spooked" while I was cantering but I held my seat (I can ride), taking full weight on my left leg for two seconds.  I was wearing the brace.  I think the brace actually put pressure on whatever this tiny "thing" is that is injured.  I am planning to have an MRI so I can go to a physical therapist and treat this injury properly.  As I said, there' no swelling but putting pressure on it (with my fingers) causes a little pain.  Would you advise I continue to leave the brace off until an actual diagnosis is made?  Is it possible the brace is actually worsening this small injury by restraining normal function?  TY Doctor!

Hi, There is very little scientific evidence that braces do anything to support the knee, therefore, it would be wise to avoid anything which provokes pain (i.e. wearing it). I would personally recommend a referral to an orthopedist to get the ball rolling on a proper diagnosis. When kneeling hurts an injury to the knee a meniscus is sometimes torn....a bucket handle meniscus tear can appear to get better for a time then flip over and reappear at a later date. I would definitely see an orthopedist. Hope this helps...Mark

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