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I know this isn't specifically your specialty but I could use some insight and couldn't find a general practitioner, and whenever I look up symmetry online I get articles on beautiful symmetric face.

I have noticed I tend to have more of my medical concerns on my right side. Buneon on right toe, plantar facitis on right foot, muscle strains in right quad, back pain in lower right region. I am right handed and granted not as physically active as I should be, but does a person's health concerns tend to afflict one side more than the other?

Hi James, interesting question. Sometimes it's as simple as a leg length discrepancy where one leg is of different length. There are 2 types of leg length differences- 1 is anatomical, for example if there is history of a broken lower leg bone or thigh bone which in healing caused it. Much more common is a functional difference where there is rotation or tilt of the pelvis or one foot arch collapsing more than the other side. For example 75-80# of one foot bunion deformity is on "short" side. Since symptoms you describe are muscular in nature, I would be suspicious of this functional leg discrepancy. See a good chiropractor or physical therapist & get evaluated- podiatry could also be helpful as mant times custom foot orthotics with possible lift could make big difference. Good luck- hope this helps.. Dr. Bob Weil

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