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Is it possible to partially tear a muscle from the bone while walking?  
During a lunchtime walk(just straight walking not running, jogging, or even powerwalking) i felt a pop and then an INTENSE pain(a 30 out of 1-10 scale) and was unable to put any weight on my leg.  After a few minutes, I could put alittle weight on my tiptoe, but that was about it.  Luckily a friend had a cane in her car which helped.  Immediately after the tear,pull whatever it was, a sort of rolled up bump (2"across 5" long running across the back of my thigh) appeared on the back of my thigh just above the knee.  I didn't seek medical help at the time because i knew it would be expensive (my medical insurance is terrible) and i figured they would just tell me to rest and ice it, which i did, and while it didn't resolve the problem, or make the bump go away, it did help abit.  Recently after over an hour in bumper to bumper traffic, things have gotten worse.  In order to drive even in good traffic conditions, i find i need to apply pressure to the ever present "bump" on the back of my thigh so i can drive safely.  Bending my leg is also tough, because my leg just doesn't seem to want to bend and it hurts like the dickens when i do. Adding to this problem is swelling down my calf and ankle on that side.  
After all this, my real question is will wrapping it help?  I'm still hoping for a simple solution but am getting to the point where i'll do whatever is necessary to get it to where i can walk long distances again.

thank you again for your help.


Hi Andey- It would be unusual to tear something just walking but your situation is very suspicious. It sounds like you really need a diagnosis of what you injured. Sounds like you've torn something, question is what & what the damage is- especially since you have symptoms of discomfort & objective findings of the lump  where probable tear took place. Swelling down leg & into calf also not good. Wrapping area with some mild compression might be helpful, but you need to see probably Orthopaedist who can diagnose injury & plan proper rehab. That's the best way for you to get back to the walking you enjoy. Good luck, hope this helps.... Dr. Bob Weil

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