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I have 2 quick questions. I hurt my ankle area back in May playing softball. I was running towards fence to track down a ball and as I reached ball I planted and heard a pop and immediate pain. It swelled up and was very painful. I went t o Urgent care and it showed there was no break and most likely was a sprain. Something is still not right after 4 months. Any time I unexpectedly jam my heel whether it's from catching a back of a step or playing with my child I get a sharp pain. The best I can describe what triggers is if I walk down the stairs and I clip my heel on the step before the one I am intending. I am thinking I ruptured something else. The pain is Above my heel and wraps to left lower ankle. My insurance denied MRI and PT is subject to my deductible which I can't afford. Any ideas?

Also do you have any experience with athletes foot. I've had a stubborn case for months now. Lamisal keeps it at bay but it hasn't cured it. Been using that for 3 months now.


Hi Alex- when you experience the pop sensation, & hear it, it's quite possible that you injured, possibly partially tore some ligaments in the ankle . An MRI would show that. Ins might allow the test since you have not responded or improved. Diagnostic ultra sound test is much cheaper than MRI & would also show ligament or tendon injury. Bottom line is that you need proper diagnosis & most likely some rehab with physical therapy. Podiatry could help both with that ankle as well as consulting with you with the athletes foot. For now, continue the Lamasil & consider possible alternating with 1%hydrocortisone cream.
Wear ankle brace with good sneakers for solid protection with your ankle, especially if you are active. You might also consider some oral anti inflammatory meds like ibuprophen (possiblbly 400mg. 3x/day for 10-14 days),  If being active is important to you, you've got to properly identify & treat ankle injuries like yours- ... Hope this helps.. Dr. Bob Weil

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