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go_irish!! wrote at 2013-08-13 19:14:46
Well, after purchasing one of these autographed cards myself, I noticed that some were autographed with the #/1979 on the front while others were numbered on the back.  I bought mine graded, so I didn't worry too my on it's authenticity, but it raised the question, "why are some numbered on the front and others on the back?"  With a closer look and looking at multiples of these cards, I noticed that the #40 has the numbering hand written on the front.  This is from the 200 card set.  The other one with the numbering on the back is #3, which is from the 10 card promo set.  I got confused at first as the fact that the ones from the promo set was not listed on the grading label.  where these cards came from or how people first got them still alludes me, so please chime in if you know.  Hope this helps everyone.  Tracy  USMC

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I can answer most questions on pricing, buying, selling, and trading of sports cards. While my main expertise is in football I can also answer some questions regarding baseball and basketball. I really don't have much experience with hockey or auto racing. When asking questions please provide as much information as possible about the card - Name, Card Company, Year, Card #, anything else on the front or back that looks relevant.


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