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Hi, I have the complete collection of cards COLLECTOR'S CHOICE UPPER DECK NBA 96-97 BASKETBALL still in the envelope but of course the envelope is open and I need to know If I sell this cards which is its price ???? Thank's

Hola jacqueline,
 Your "collection" could be a complete set. It would be worth about $20.00 USD.
 If you are not sure what exactly you have then go to eBay and search "completed listings" and look it up. There you will get the exact price of what your item is selling for.
Buena suerte on your search,

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I can answer questions about Baseball, Basketball, Hockey and Football cards printed before 1980. Also I can answer some questions about pre-1980 Sports Memorabilia, autographs, and Unlimited Hydroplane racing and memorabilia. I also can answer questions about pathological collecting and hoarding. And questions about liquidating collections and hoards.


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