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I have 3 cards. Marv throneberry pete runnels and bobby avila I was wondering if u could tell me how much tere worth. they have a circle around the picture of them and the outer borders are colored. thank you for your time

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Based on your limited description of the cards and the names of the players, I feel you have cards from the 1959 Topps Baseball Set.  It is difficult to determine a price for the cards with not knowing the condition of the cards, condition is everything, so I can say in the "lowest" condition they would be worth $2.00 per card if they are the ACTUAL 1959 card and not a reprint.  Card companies do utilize reprints of older cards in their new baseball sets.

I hope this helps.  If you want, send me a picture of one of the cards, both sides, to my email at and I'll look at them more close.


Normand HJ Robert

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