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Hi, i got a 1992 upper deck dan marino card and on the back it got michael zordich a line backer from arizona cards,its in perfect conditions,i just whant to know what could be the value, i got this card since 1992 and it came in a packege .

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Misprints can be valuable under certain circumstances.  Some circumstances can be the player misprinted, was the misprint fixed by the card company, and how many misprints hit the market.

Misprints can also have no bearing on the market.  Examples are that it was a "one time machine made" error, the card company deciding not to fix it.

Your 1992 Upper Deck Dan Marino "misprint" seems to be a one-time misprint.  After researching it, I couldn't find any other of these misprint(s) and it is NOT listed on the companies website.  So your card, without a misprint, is worth $1.00.

You may want to try selling it though especially since it is a Marino card and there are many Marino collectors out there.  These collectors like these "one-off" misprints to add to their collections.  Price should be worked out between parties.

I hope this helps.


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