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Hi Tom,

I'm a varsity diver at a D3 school. I am going abroad in the fall to Copenhagen and I was wondering if you know of a team I could practice with a few times a week while I'm there. I would love to stay in shape so I can jump right back into the middle of the season when I get back to the U.S. I've been doing some googling, but so far no luck.

Thank you!

Madeline -

Here are some websites to check out and find more info about diving in Copenhagen:

fina.org - This is the international governing body for aquatic sports. At the home page, click on "Structure". At the next page scroll down and look on the left hand side for "National Federations". On that page, click on Europe. Click on Denmark and that will take you a page that has contact info for their Swimming Federation. They will most likely know about how to find divers, teams & coaches in Copenhagen.

divemeets.com - Click on Find and then Teams. A huge list of teams from all over the world will come up. Scroll way down to the FINA list. Click on Denmark and some names will come up. Click on each name for contact info. If no contact info is available, write their names down and ask the person at the Denmark Swimming Federation if he/she knows how to get a hold of them.

swimmersguide.com - A very easy site to use and find pools in Copenhagen. Contact each pool and see if they have diving boards that are available to the public. They may also know where diving teams practice.

Good luck. Hope you find what you are looking for.

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