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Hutch wrote at 2014-04-10 20:07:55
It's been 40 years but what i recall is that 1/2 the audience left once it was announced that Bruce would we subbing for Boz Scaggs' and that's who I was there to see.  My then girlfriend wanted to leave also but I convinced her to stay to see what Bruce was like (it didn't help that they announced he was from NJ in a NY venue) but when he walked out, all scraggly with his tweed cap, wearing a white tank top and a big gothic cross around his neck, he started singing about Spanish Johnny and Puerto Rican Jane and had me hooked from the get-go.  The rest of the show was spelllbinding the crowd was angry that they had to move on to the Anne Murray show.  I wouldn't know if she was good or bad since we left as soon as she came.  I have heard that after that show she refused to have any further opening acts.

Springsteen, Bruce

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I`ve been a fan since 1979. I interact within the fan community at large quite often and have seen Bruce 39 times now, including 25 shows on the 1999-2000 reunion tour.


37 total shows seen over the course of my fan "career." I have met Bruce on several occassions, albeit briefly.

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