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Hi Hunt ,
My question is in regard with the squash , last year i started playing squash ,and almost every day I was going for this game , but then on one fine day I caught up with this pain in my right arm . On meeting with my doctor I discovered that it is Tennis Elbow , doctor suggested me to not to play for next six months atleast and let the injury recover completely .
Now it's been almost a year and feel like going for it again but whenever I go to the court there is pain which is giving indication of being there .
How to overcome this problem ?, I'm 35 what should be my dietary habits ?
With Best Regards

Hi Amit. Your pain might be caused by how you grip your racquet. You might have your index finger too low on the handle which causes your wrist to flex and extend excessively and your forearm to overpronate (turn in too much).  It's possible that you have been holding the racquet too tightly. Too much tension in your grip can put strains on the wrist joint and tendons connected to your elbow.  Your grip and wrist should be relaxed when hitting hard. To assess your technique accurately I would need to see a picture of how you hold the racquet and a video of you hitting a ball.

Otherwise, I regret that I am not able nor qualified to give you medical advice about alleviating the pain in your arm because I am not a doctor nor a physical therapist (physiotherapist). Even if I were one of those specialists I would not be able to assess what is wrong because I can't diagnose you in person!  For that I recommend you visit a physio with experience in exercise physiology, preferably someone who has treated racquet sport players. He or she probably would tell you how to strengthen the muscles and tendons in your forearm so they can comfortably sustain the force of swinging a racquet.  Ask around at your gym or club where you play.  

Regarding your dietary habits, are they related to the pain in your arm?  Feel free to write back to me.

Thank you.

Hunt Richardson

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