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Hi Rob:

I have been playing lately racquetball sometimes for up to 2 or 3 hours, 2 times a week.

I have experienced some foot stiffness / mild pain after I get home specially on both of my big toes.

Went to my GP to get checked, got x-rays and nothing is broken.

My main question is if racquetball shoes are worth it.

I normally wear a pair of ASICS for running and recently added an insole and was wondering if buying a pair of ASICS (or any other brand) racquetball shoes would make a difference in my feet.

I also ordered some thorlos tennis socks which supposedly have more padding than the normal ones.


Thanks for your question.

Yes, racquetball shoes are DEFINITELY worth it. The **biggest** difference is that with racquetball shoes, you'll get *lateral* support for your feet that you're definitely not getting with the running shoes. Also, you'll get *MUCH* better traction with racquetball shoes - my gut tells me that your sub-conciously "gripping" the floor with your toes to prevent sliding around - and this is causing your toes to become fatigued and occasionally leading to feeling sore.

I don't recommend any particular "make" of shoes - I've owned any/all of the following in the past: New Balance, Ektelon, Prince, Head, ASICS, etc. As long as it's specifically a racquetball shoe, you'll get MUCH better support for your feet than you are currently getting.

A couple of suppliers to check online -- www.racquetballwarehouse.com and www.holabirdsports.com/. I've ordered from both in the past - they have the best selection/price combo. Much better selection than you'll ever find "in person." Unless, of course, you live near San Luis Obispo CA (RW) or Baltimore MD (HB) which is where each is located. Disclosure: I do NOT have an interest in EITHER of these suppliers - I'm recommending simply based on my past experience with both of them.

Like a good running shoe, you'll want to replace them much sooner than before the treads on the bottom of the shoes are worn out. You'll need to replace them once the interior arch and bottom-of-feet support feels like they're worn out.

Good luck - I'm sure you're feet will thank you for getting the new pair of shoes :)

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