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Hi Debby

My husband and me will be on Saint Martin for 7 days during Mid-February.
We did a lot of research but still have some unanswered questions.
Is it better to bring along US$ or Euro? (we are from Switzerland).
How much would a taxi cost from SMX to Anse Marcel? we are staying here: Le Domaine de Lonvilliers. How much is a nice dinner in a nice location (nice means: tablecloth, romatic setting, waiter, including wine)? Are there coffe shops to get breakfast? We love to bathe nude, which of the naturist beaches would you recommend? How do you get around (obviously renting a scooter is not recommended)? Do you give tips? how much? Could we do one day trip to neighbour islands, is this a good idea?
Your help is appreciated very much
Thank you, Barbara

Hi Barbara,
I'll answer this is best I can but right now I'm in the hospital. Typing this in on my iPhone.
First of all you should bring dollars because they are accepted on both the Dutch and French sides of the island.
I'm sorry I can't answer your question regarding the taxi fare. All taxi fares are standardized and I don't have access to my bookmarks that I have at home.

For a nice dinner we like to go to Grand Case. You can park in either the free parking lot or the pay parking lot and walk down the street. All the restaurants have their menus posted outside. I would say a good dinner would cost you anywhere $120 on up.
For nude sunbathing you should go to Club O on Orient Beach. You can rent chairs and umbrellas there. It's safe and friendly.
There are many little coffee shops for bakeries talked into places around the island where you could get a quick breakfast.
There's a big controversy regarding tipping. You need to look at your , if there's a service charge added the service charge is your tip. There's also a controversy on the French side , some people believe that the tip is built into the menu prices, so you can tip as you see fit there.
There are several nearby islands where you could do it daytrip. Anguilla St. Barts and Saba are three that we have visited. I would recommend any of those  if you're interested.
I hope this has answered some of your questions, and if you need a more information perhaps when I'm back home I could give you amore thorough answer. Sincerely, Debby


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