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Carl Trimble wrote at 2011-08-17 20:11:21
You missed the point of the paint store color swatches. These are an inexpensive way of looking at color within the context of your dining room. No, they are not directly analogous to the transmitted light of the stained glass, but they do approximate and suggest what could be expected from the stained glass. Colors that work with your dining room wall or other accessories, can be found within the range of stained glass colors and; therefore, give you an idea of what to use in the design.

Carl Trimble wrote at 2013-02-05 23:19:34
The suggestion to use paint samples was simply for the purpose of determining color relationships. By putting samples beside one another, it is possible to get an understanding of how well different colors relate to one another. Is there a pleasant combination or is there a conflict between the colors?Do they work together or fight one another and create an uncomfortable visual tension?

This has nothing to do with paint on a wall; simply a study in the color relationships. There are times in a design when you might want to create the tension of so-called incompatable colors. It is akin to writing music with discordant sounds to create an unsettling mood. Get to know your color relationships by using the paint chips and you will save a lot of  money and increase your skill as a glass artist.

Carl Trimble wrote at 2016-05-08 15:05:38
The reference to the paint samples is simply to give a basis for color combinations and compatibility. It is a simple matter of transferring those relationships to the colors of glass. It is a very inexpensive way of gathering a basis for and understanding of colors and their relationships.

No, the samples do not give the same result as working with samples of glass, but the relationships remain constant.

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