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Hi David,

I am thinking of making a window panel to fit an existing window.  How do I make allowances for thermal expansion?  It gets really hot here in Africa and I don't want the panel cracking due to the heat.  I am thinking of using copper foil and lead came as the frame.

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Copper foil is fine for the body of the panel, but I would use zinc outer bar for the framework, lead stretches, so doesn't make a good frame.

In a hot climate you will actually have less thermal expansion than in a cool one. The reason is that colored glass holds all the colors into it except for the ones it lets through. A piece of blue glass absorbs all the light except for blue which it transmits. The held light turns into heat and so the glass gets hot. In a hot climate, the difference between the glass temperature and the surrounding air is less than the difference in a cold climate, so there's less chance of thermal shock.

All stained glass can get cracks over time. One trick that we've learned to avoid stress cracks has to do with the edge of the glass. Use a fairly smooth grinder bit. A rough "speed bit" will chip the edge of the glass which weakens it and can become a source of weakness.

If your window is going to go into a frame and actually fit the opening, you don't need outer bar on the panel. Simply use silicone caulking to hold it in place leaving a 1/8" gap around the glass. Examples of us installing panels can be seen at

Good Luck. Let me know how it goes,

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