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Our church committee wishes to replace a plain glass window in the aisle of our church with a stained glass design.  The present window has a moveable vent i.e. a section of the window can be opened inwards supported by a metal frame.  Our designer says that he would not use a moveable vent in a stained glass window and has not allowed for it in the present version of his design. HOWEVER, this being a Church in Wales building and also listed, we have to apply for a kind of planning permission called a Faculty.  The advisory committee through which we have to apply for this permission, says that we HAVE to include the vent in its original form, or if we wish to put a vent in another part of the window, we have to apply for a further planning permission!  We have studied many windows on an excellent website which details windows in all the churches in Wales, and so far have not found a single one with a vent in it.  Your opinion as to the advisability of incorporating a moveable opening in a stained glass window would be very welcome.
Nonie B

Dear Nonie,

We have restored many stained glass windows with operable ventilators incorporated into the design. We have also designed, fabricated and installed new stained glass windows with them. There is no logical reason not to put one in if the Church wants or needs one. Maybe you should look for another studio that will work with you and provide the service you want. Possibly, when you contact a studio tell them up front that this is an important feature to you.

Best of luck to you in your search.


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