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Stained Glass/Copper foiling durability


I've made a few small suncatchers using 7/32 copper foil. I always spend time cleaning the glass before burnishing and then spend a while burnishing. I then tin and solder the piece. Even though it seems all the foil has stuck, is it normal to be able to scratch off the soldered foil and be able to pull it apart by hand. It's just I can do this. They hang ok and look fine but I didn't expect to be able to take them apart by hand without de soldering. Is this normal and does it mean they aren't durable Thanks

Hi Angie,

It sounds like you are only tinning the foil and not building up a bead after you have put the piece together. Follow my instructions on this page Here

Your suncatchers will be secure and you won't be able to peel the foil off.

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