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Stained Glass/Copper foil adhesion


When I foil my project, the foil sticks tightly to the glass but as soon as I flux it and tin the edges, the foil comes off. I have a new roll of foil and a new bottle of liquid flux. I have my iron set to mid range, I have washed and dried my glass from the cutting oil (I just stopped using oil and it made no difference), I have tried alcohol before I foil. What might I be doing wrong?

I'm not sure what the problem might be but I'll go though my thought process.

Why are you tinning the edges? If this is a project that only has one pieces of glass and you need the edges tinned, so the problem could be the liquid flux.

If this is a project with multiple pieces then lay them out one your pattern and do not tin each pieces but flux and solder the entire piece. And even if the adhesive is bad it will still hold together.
PS:  I do not use liquid flux, only NoKoRode paste flux.  

Possibly your flux is getting under the foil. Are you pressing down the foil with a lathkin before you start the flux and solder?  If the foil is not pressed down then you are leaving a path for the liquid flux.

Your iron should be set to melt the solder but not melt lead. If you do not have any lead see if your local stained glass shop will give you a small piece to set your iron.  And if your iron is too hot it will usually turn blue on the tip and it certainly could break the glass if it is too hot, especially in winter when the glass could get cold.

I hope you can figure it out. I know from 40 years of doing glass things come up and you wonder what is going on.  You can check out some of my glass on my web site  

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