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Window section
Window section  
I have a window panel that I cannot identify, "found" in an abandoned building in Albuquerque, NM.  Having looked at thousands of images online, I have seen nothing like it to help in dating or evaluating the piece.  Looks like an art nouveau piece, opalescent in appearance, nearly opague green, lighter red and pink, marbled yellow, and a milky outer edge.

First problem is how to remove sticky residue from old tape that was applied around its perimeter in lieu of frame.  (I am afraid of scratching what appears to be a delicate surface.)  I have constructed a temporary protective frame, which is what you see in the photo.

I am not versed in process--seems there are very thin layers of glass

I am including photos here, including a "profile that shows the thickness along an edge.  I am hoping for any info or referral, as local antique dealers have been unable to ascertain its age or value with any degree of certainty.

I have some very clear detailed photos if they would help, as well as backlit photos.  Window measures 31" high x 17" wide.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Dear Steve,

After looking at the photographs, the panel does not appear to be painted. This will be a good thing due to the 'sticky residue'. You can try nail polish remover or mineral spirits to cut through / dissolve the adhesive residue. This may cut some or all of it. Second would be to very carefully run a razor blade along the surface to lift any that is left. Once all is removed wash the window with a mild soap solution and rinse well with water.

As far as dating or value; I don't see any unique characteristics that would help me date it and although it is a nice piece, it's resale value may be lower than you are hoping for.

If it would be helpful to you, you can e-mail me directly at

Best of luck to you,


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