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I found two wonderful stained glass windows in the trash in Philadelphia, about 12 inches by 36 inches..I would like to hang them in my windows for decorative purposes...they would need frames they just look like someone popped them out of a door and put them on the street...can you imagine!!!!  Thanks for your help....I'd like something do it yourself if possible or relatively easy..thanks again.


That's a great find and I can't imagine.

You can, obviously, take them to a frame shop and have them framed in stained glass molding for about $60 to $80 each.  but if you are talented you can frame them yourself

1) if you have wood tools or have a handy friend with tools you can make stained glass molding with a router and some 1x2 or 2x2 (oak or pine)  Route a groove (rabbit) into the center of one edge of the molding.  This way the frame is the same on both sides when it is around the stained glass.  You can add some large "eye hooks" to the top for hanging purposes.  When I make these I glue and screw two corner and make 2 "L" shapes and then I screw the other two corner with NO glue. That way if you ever want to take the frame off you simply unscrew two opposite corners.

2) use the metal sectional frames from a hobby/frame type shop. You buy 1 kit with 2 12" pies and 1 kit width 2 36" pieces.  IT IS IMPORTANT to measure carefully. The glass cannot be over the 12 x36 or the kits will not work.  Also measure corner to corner and those measurements should be exactly the same or the piece is out of square.

 you can easily drill and add a hanger to the metal frames.

3) if anyone in your area had the wood kits, you can do the same as the metal frames and have the advantage of being able to carve out the wood if your stained glass doesn't fit exactly.
but there will be a front and back, but hand the piece with front facing room and the back facing out as the street viewer will not notice from a distance

hope that helps


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