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Hi, I purchased a couple lots of stained glass tools and supplies from estate sales.Some of the copper foil still in unopened packages. When I've attempted to use I'm finding the adhesive properties not great. Some times it sticks and sometimes it don't. I used alcohol to clean edges but doesn't seem to help. Is there anything I can do to salvage this foil or is it all garbage?

Older copper foil is  difficult to use.  If it sticks at all and you can get it in place and manage to solder it, you will have a weak join and will probably leak air on an outside window.
You can buff it up by sliding it between some steel wood so that it will solder better but it's not worth fooling with if the adhesive is gone.

wish I could give you a positive answer on the foil, but great on your estate purchase. Enjoy your stained glass, I love it, as you can see on my web page.

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