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I found this beautiful tiffany style lamp, the bottom is  says made in chins 2007.08. My bike handle fell on it and caused a ping pong size whole in it. It is a used lamp shade large with lots of detail, can this be fixed?? Is it worth it? The lamp is a bell shape.  Thank You.


Most likely the lampshade can be repaired. There are hundreds of these Chinese renditions of the Tiffany style lampshades and other stained glass panels being imported into the U.S. It is impossible for most stained glass studios to compete with the price, but the quality of their construction in no way compares to work done by reputable U.S. studios. We also cannot, nor do we, work for Chinese wages.

Virtually any qualified stained glass studio can repair the hole in your lampshade. I do similar repairs on a regular basis; especially when they begin to fall apart because of inferior fabrication techniques.

Is it worth repairing? It depends on how much you value the lampshade. From your description, I am guessing $75 to $100 to do the repair; depending on the going rate for studio time for this kind of work. Can you buy a comparable lampshade for that? It will likely be difficult to match the Chinese made glass from which it is made, but "close" should work given the lack of real intrinsic value to these lampshades and I think you will be happy with the result if you choose to have it repaired.

Just as a point of reference, I have one of the Chinese lampshades in my living room. I cannot buy the materials and spend the time to  make one for what I paid for it at Lowe's. This becomes, then, a personal choice as to the value you place on the lampshade. If you like it and can afford the repair, go for it.

I hope this answers your question with some degree of satisfaction. Good luck.


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