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Our church has has been identified as a historical site in Dansville, NY. We are awaiting national recognition as a historical site as the church where Clara Barton established the first chapter of the Red Cross. Our church, St. Paul's Lutheran, has 10 very large asile stained glass windows (15 feet tall by 3 feet  wide all have arched tops)The earilest dated is 1884,and we are not certain of the age of the others but believe they are as old. Our  historian cannot find any records of who manufactured them neither could we find anything in the local papers of the time. One window in particular is quite elaborate and named the "Christ window" this one is buckling at the bottom and like the others is lead framed. Can you offer us some help in identifying the manufacturer (some seem to believe the Christ window to be a LaFarge). Also can you reccomend a reputable company that can repair the buckling window. Information regarding the windows would also be noted in the state and national registry for historical sites

Hi Ken
I must say that you have piqued my curiosity.
However without seeing at least a photo of the window in question there is no way I can help identify it. Some La Farge facts are:
1- La Farge had his own stained glass studio from 1879-1885
2- La Farge closed his shop in 1885.
3- La Farge's 2 major glaziers Thomas Wright and John Calvin opened their own stained glass studio, called,The Decorative Stained Glass Company in 1885.
4- From 1885 till his death all La Farge windows were made by The Decorative Stained Glass Company
5- The Decorative Stained Glass Company fabricated windows for a number of other stained glass artists. These other artists worked in a similar style as La Farge. And since they were  all fabricated by the same people, have similar techniques to La Farge. Therefore it is very difficult to determine who the artist was with out some type of documentation.

As far as repairing this window. If it is indeed a La Farge type window, restoration can be VERY tricky,complicated and expensive. I know because I have restored a number of La Farge's.

I would be glad to help. Email me at

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