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I made my daughter a sun catcher using foil.  Since it was an irregular shape, I did not use any kind of came, I just tinned the foil around the edges.  She hung it in the window and now it's coming apart.  The glue from the foil is sort of melting leaving black goo on the glass and parts of it are completely separating.  Can you tell me why this happened and how to avoid it in the future?

Thanks so much for your time and your help!

Hi Barbara,

When you solder a ring to the suncatcher, for hanging purposes, the ring needs to be attached at a solder joint. When it's only attached to foil, it will pull the foil loose from the glass, causing the piece to fall apart.

The easiest way to remedy the situation is to solder a wire completely around the outside edge of the suncatcher. That will strengthen the piece as well as giving a place to solder the ring wherever you want without fear of it pulling the foil loose. You can see how it is done here:

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