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I am working on designing my own pattern for a stained glass project and was just wondering if there is a rule of thumb to how small a piece of glass should or should not be.  I am using the foil method to put the pieces together.  Any information would be so appreciated.  Thank you.

No run of thumb on size. Use your best judgement, and how hard you want to work.

If the copper foil is going to almost cover the piece then when you solder the glass will disappear.  But you can trim back the foil thinner while it has the paper on it.  This way the foil will cover less of the glass. If you have lots of small pieces they buy a roll of copper foil that is thinner to save all the trimming. And on the flip size of this is when you need a small amount of wider copper foil, just fold twice, favor one side an foil again favoring the other side.
Things like an eye can just be filled with solder an no glass is involved.
I prefer copper foil myself, as it i more forgiving, stronger, weatherproof, and lighter than lead.

good luck to you

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