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Good day,  I would like to know if liquid flux has an oily base to it.  I have bought liquid flux, I hope so, and wherever I have brushed it on has left a very oily residue and I am not very happy with my soldering results either.  This is my first big project and I am worried that it has been ruined but I must also admit that I am very new to the craft and therefore my uncertainty.  thank you

Hello Claire,

My web site has a tutorial for soldering copper foil. You can find it at:

To answer your question about liquid flux containing oil. No, it shouldn't have an oil base. Are you using flux made specifically for stained glass? If you aren't sure, do an online search for the brand you are using and see if they list the ingredients. The flux you use will make a big difference in your soldering. I don't know what brands of liquid flux for stained glass are available in South Africa, so I can't recommend any. I use Glasflux made by Glastar. You can email me through my web site if you have further questions. I'll be happy to help you.


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