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I ordered beveled glass strips to frame a small stained glass project.  Do I have to grind the edges before foiling?  (Does grinding make the foil adhere to the glass or is it just to get a smooth edge?)

Grinding the edges will get rid of any burrs and give the edge a rougher texture and yes it does help the copper foil to stick better, assuming you wipe the glass free of glass dust and water.
You should not grind the bevels unless you do so very gently, because most of the bevel are a softer glass and can chip more easily.  You are probably ok to just copper foil them.  And assuming you are going to put a lead or zinc edge you do not have to copper foil the outside edges.

And I point out to my students if you are going to put a beveled glass border, start with the border and be sure your pattern fits.  If you do the inside first it could be off slightly and then no bevel would work.  But I often use bevels in conjunctions with my other glass-colors to complete the edges.

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