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I acquired an old leaded clear glass china cabinet door that I want to display on a wall. There is old white paint and brown paint (don't know if it is latex or enanmel) on the edges of some of the lead. What can I use to safely remove the paint? Also is it necessary to clean the rest of the lead with anything other than a damp cloth? Thank you

Good for you. I love re-using older items in interesting ways.  But glass looks better with light passing through it.

A lot of people would clean the wood with a steel brush and not try to remove all the old paint because they like the look.  But you can probably remove the paint with paint stripper.
Put down lots of old newspaper because the stripper is not nice stuff.

If you can do remove the glass so that you do not do damage to the glass and lead during this process.  

You can clean the lead with steel wood or a small metal brush.  If the lead is showing signs of cracks be very careful.  It would be hard to repair the lead if you damage it because as it ages it oxidizes and is difficult to re-solder.

Good luck

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