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I made a copper foil stained glass panel for my son and his wife.  They would like to hang it in an enclosed, non heated and non air conditioned porch window.  We live in Minnesota where our winter temperatures can get way below zero and our summers are hot.  Would this affect the panel at all?
Thanks for your help.

Thanks for the great question. It is always best to consider conditions when displaying stained glass.  Glass has a molecular reaction to abrupt changes in temperatures.( as in soldering with a hot iron after the glass project has been in a cold garage) The molecules in the glass speed up with heat.  Normal weather changes should not be a problem.

All glass projects are subject to weathering conditions.  Glass has been hanging in public building such as churches and the homes of the elite for hundreds of years and those building did not have a/c controlled environments.  You will have normal deterioration and accumulation of dirt and crud.  You can clean from time to time if you wish and see if you have any areas that may need any repair.  If you have glass in those windows now your stained glass will behave the same.

Copper foiled pieces are by nature much stronger than leaded glass but can still react to stress when stood in a leaning position. But that is another problem.  There is a copper coated steel ribbon that can be place in strategic areas in the copper foiled pieces and solder over so that it is embedded and this adds greatly to the strength of the glass.

Have fun with the glass. I've been doing glass for about 50 years and I have never become bored with it.  I like big windows and small projects You can see some of my things on my web site. with links to my other sites.

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