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Hello Todd,

First of all, thanks for your time on this.

I have shiny faucets on my 2.5 bathroom house that are Moen, approximately 5 years old.  The metal is likely some type of alloy, and not brushed but shiny, almost like a mirror.

I've recently had a new housekeeping service begin cleaning my home in the last 5 months.  After 2 months, I noticed small spots of discoloration / oxidation-type of look to some areas of some faucets. It is still smooth, but almost a darkened and tarnished look. Since the last visit, I noticed major discoloration and it extended to three separate faucets.  It is on the spicket itself as well as area of the faucet around the hot and cold knobs.  

The house cleaners says it cannot possibly be their cleaning chemicals causing the discoloration.  They called Home Depot, and apparently someone there told them it could be a type of fungus that is found it water in Atlanta, GA that can cause this type of discoloration.  This seems very far-fetched to me and like they are trying to get out of being liable for damage.  The allege that they are using: Comet, alcohol (for the mirrors), and a Mr. Clean multi-purpose cleaning product.  Any of these three may have come into contact with the sinks.

I've tried mixing vinegar & baking soda and rubbing that on, as well as silver polish (the Home Depot guy recommended this) and neither did anything to improve the look at all.

Do you know any way I can determine what this wide-spread discoloration is from?  What is the most likely cause?  Is there anything I can try to do to remove the discoloration before I press the cleaning company for damages?

Thanks kindly for your assistance.



Logically if you've had the faucets 5 years and just had a new cleaning service in the last 5 months, I'd guess that's the problem.  I've never heard of a fungus that would permanently discolor metal.  Comet can be too harsh for metal sometimes.  Comet is not a great thing to use on shiny metal especially.  It is very abrasive and can scratch and then when water gets in the small scratches, you can have discoloration.
As far as a remedy, the vinegar would have been my recommendation.  Unfortunately, the damage is probably permanent.

Hope this helps,

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