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Hello Todd I hope you can help.I have searched high and low for answers but with no success .I have a white gloss coffee table which has a fizzy orange (orange pop) stain on it how do I remove it ? Please help !!!!

The problem with orange pop is it is orange dye.  That's why normal stain removal methods won't work.  You have two choices.  First make a vinegar and water solution (half and half). Get a towel damp with the solution, but don't get it soaking wet.  Then gently rub the towel on the stain.  Don't dry it up.  It helps if you can have sunlight on the table immediately after doing this.  The acetic solution and the sunlight will cause a mild bleaching to take place.  You have to be patient. It can take several applications of doing this over months.  You can do this a couple times a week.  If you're not that patient, you can use actual bleach.  Of course this has possible negative results.  The best way to do this is to make a bleach and water solution.  Start with mostly water and just a little bleach.  Do the same thing as before with the towel understanding that this will probably ruin the towel.  The most important thing to remember is bleach never stops working until it's neutralized.  So you have to watch the table.  If the orange starts to disappear take a towel with just plain water and rinse the bleach out immediately. If nothing happens, you can keep making the solution slightly stronger (more bleach, less water). Just remember, even if nothing happens rinse the bleach out because you might think nothing happened and the next day the bleach may have kept working and ruined the table.  Even if you do nothing, if the table were left in sunlight over time the stain will start to disappear.  It just takes a long time.

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