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whats an effective way to clean cat hair off a sofa or clothes a rubber glove??

I am assuming that your vacuum is not strong enough to remove the hair or your fabric allows the hair to "cling". I use a commercial vac that usually picks up most any hair but there are several methods for the removal of pet hair from upholstery without using a vac. The success will depend on what kind of upholstery you have. Some of these can be used in combination with a ordinary wet/dry vac once you have "clumped" the hair together. Here are the most common methods with some of my input on each (Please note some upholstery cannot be wet cleaned so DO NOT use water on it):

1. Lightly dampen the palm of your hand. Wipe the pet hair off in a downward motion. The hair will ball up and stick to your damp hand. This works because the hair becomes wet, therefore heavier. This results in it being unable to fly back to your pants (or whatever surface you're dealing with) in response to static electricity. Personal note: This method is really a "hands on" and you may not want to get wet cat hair over your hand. I found this method to be ok but tedious.

 2.  Barely dampen a clean, regular kitchen sponge. Use a sponge mop if you're removing pet hair from a low-pile carpet, in which case the floor should be thoroughly vacuumed first. Rub the fabric, upholstery, or carpet with the sponge. The fur should roll up into clumps that you can pick off by hand or vacuum. Personal note: The ease here depends on the fabric and some can prove to be tedious.  

  3. Put on a latex glove. Rub the surface with it on. The pet hair should stick to your glove. This also works with rubber gloves or cloth gardening gloves with a rubber coating on the palm. A rubber bristle push broom can work in the same way on floors. Dampen the glove or rubber section of the glove for increased effectiveness. Personal note: Lots of cat hair = a lot of rubbing.

   4. Inflate a balloon. Rub it across the surface that has pet hair on it. The static on the balloon's surface will attract the hair (and works on yours, too!), which you can collect and then re-use the balloon to get more hair. Personal note: The static charge here depends on room humidity so this methods does NOT always work.

   5  Rub Velcro curlers on the surface to catch the hair. If the curler has a metal inner form, it can be bent to reach corners. Works well UNLESS your fabric will be snagged by the barbs on the Velcro. Test first!!

   6. Apply fabric softener. A fabric softener sheet that normally goes in the dryer can be used to pick up pet hair. You can also mist the surface with a mixture of fabric softener and water to "prep" the area before removing the pet hair using any of the other methods. Personal note: I have not tried this one. Again do not use water on a fabric that cannot be water cleaned.

   7. Painters tape/Packing tape, masking tape, etc  Wrap some around your hand with the sticky, adhesive part sticking out and tap it on the fur-covered areas. Personal note: This is my favorite  and I find usually works well.  

   8. Use a rubber broom. This is effectively for especially stubborn pet hair that sticks to a surface. The bristles work with static electricity and the hair jumps onto the brush. Personal note: Again this depends on room humidity to work.

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