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I tried to remove oil stain from my dress. I used waxpaper and ironed over the stain and the garment now has a big blotch as the wax from the waxpaper soaked into the fabric -can this e rectified??

While the use of an iron and wax paper is useful for removing white rings from furniture, I don't think it is a good idea for it as a remedy on stained clothing. Without knowing the type of fabric your dress is made of (chiffon can be made from silk, cotton, nylon, polyester, or rayon), but the use of heat on a stain can open up the dye sites of fibers (such as silk, cotton, nylon) and allows the stains to become permanent. Also, the use of high heat from an iron can actually irreversibly damage silk, rayon and some polyester & nylon fibers.

So, at this point, the stain may not be removable. However, I will give you steps that you can try. Because you added wax to the stain, you have to remove that first. Put several layers of Kraft paper under the fabric, then place a sheet of Kraft paper on top of stain. Using low heat, iron until wax is drawn into the paper, moving the paper around until all the wax is gone.
To remove an oily spot on clothing: Rub a small amount of hand dishwashing soap into the fabric, rinse the stained area well, flushing away both the oil and grease and the dishwashing liquid solution, pre-treat the stain with a laundry pre-wash stain remover, launder in the hottest water allowed for the fabric to thoroughly remove the stain and the grease and oil.

Or you may want to consider having it professionally dry-cleaned, as the use of solvents may be beneficial on an oil based stain (damage notwithstanding). An experienced dry-cleaner (look for one that does dry-cleaning on location) should be able to tell by looking at it if it is salvageable. Good luck.

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