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We have a 4  month old fabric sofa and one of the kids had diarrhea in an area that's maybe 5" x 16". Is the sofa doomed or is there some way to get this out?

You should be able to remove this stain but I need more information: What is the actual fabric? Is it a nubby or smooth weave? Is it like a velour? Is it like a linen? Is there a sheen to the fabric? Also, remove the seat cushions and look at the platform of the sofa. There should be a tag, usually white with black lettering that will show a cleaning code. W means clean with a water based solution, S means clean with solvent and X means do not use a wet solution at all. I would need to know the cleaning code to give you further instructions. Using the wrong solution could irreparably damage your sofa fabric.  

Stains, Mopping, Wiping, Ironing, Cleaning

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