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Stamps (Philately)/2 cent mount vernon wash. stamp


Cindy wrote at 2010-02-18 18:53:01
I also have this stamp. It is red and on the top it says 1732 on the left and 1932 on the right with a picture of Mount Vernon in white.

c oliver wrote at 2016-08-10 14:26:15
I have a mt vernon 1732/1932 stamp 2 cent in red  Does it hae any value?

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I have been a collector of stamps for well over 10 years now and about 5 of those have been selling on various different sites over the internet. I have the ability and knowledge to do my best in assisting anyone with questions regarding to, but not limited to, identification, evaluation, and any other philatelic related question. As I have sold for many years, I have a good feel for the philatelic market and have helped many people value their collections.


10 years as a collector of pre-independence African countries and USA Scott listed revenues. I have sold stamps for the past 5 years on sites such as eBay and I am also currently doing research in the area of 19th century USA fancy cancels.

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