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Harold wrote at 2010-11-02 16:17:26
From your statement I guess that I can ditch my "The Presidents of the United States of America Commemorative Stamp Collection (first to honor all 39 U.S. presidents...) Stamps indicate that the postage is Liberian.

Jim wrote at 2011-06-05 21:34:49
I have the same book. Its a darker brown cover with 15 gold stamps included. ( 13 original colonies stamps, 1 American flag, and 1 other stamp). I just sold the book "intact" that is to say complete in perfect condition to another collector in the face amount of $1300.00 with him claiming this book from Calhouns Collectors Society is Hard to find, and in essence was worthless at one time but like any true collectable has surged in value due to its difficulty to find. "Take a worthless watch  bury it for 100 years and now its worth real money. This book when it was current sold for $20.00 per stamp way back when, when the society went out of business many collectors knew the book was worthless and discarded the book, now with so little few left it has gained in value.  

Da Breeder wrote at 2013-10-30 06:48:50
Yes, I remember well that series of stamps.  It was one of the more successful stamps series that we produced.  As with many currently valuable items today, many were considered worthless years ago.  After all, those stamps were issued a rather short 35 years ago.  $1300 is very good appreciation for the set.  As was noted, many sets were thrown away.  I wish I had purchased a set back in 1978 when I worked at Calhoun's.  I purchased a number of plates, not for investment purposes, but for their beauty.  As a kid, I had two micky mantle cards that I gave to a young kid a few houses down the street. I didn't need my card collection anymore since I had discovered girls.  

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