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Mary wrote at 2016-01-31 18:03:44
I used to buy them I well when I was young along with other stamps. A cancelled stamps have no value usually! If the stamps wasn't use at all then it will have value if nothing around is damage. The philately world is fun but at the same time not easy  and extra care is needed!

Stamps (Philately)

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Jim Forte


Postal history concerns the stamps, markings, rates and routings on covers. Covers is the generic term for any letter, postcard or package that passed through the mail. I am a professional philatelist who specialize in U.S. and Worldwide postal history. I have extensive knowledge of U.S. postmarks and post offices, extensive knowledge of U.S. military postal history, strong knowledge of U.S. rates and usages of the 20th Century. I can usually help with inquires about 19th Century postal history, and all range of countries throughout the world.


I have been a full time professional philatelist since 1985. The focus of my business is my website, The site offers nearly 115,000 items for sale. The site contains an on-line copy of my book A Price Guide To U.S. A.P.O. Cancels of the Second World War. The site also contains a database of every U.S. post office, including the dates of operation for the many offices that have been discontinued.

BA Boston University 1980.

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