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Stamps (Philately)/Cancels on U.S.P.O. L1 CentP


QUESTION: I have handmade folded envelope; dated notation inside 1869 with blue Philadelphia,PA. MAY 7 cancel on lower left-hand corner/side of outside. Question: The stamp, Scott # 7LB1 has a blue PAID cancel across bottom of stamp. Scott does not mention this cancel. Was a Blue PAID cancel ever used on this era envelope/stamp?

Will be watching for your mail...anxiously!
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 Can you put up a scan of it?  If you are correct about the date (you say 1869) than it is surely a fake, because that stamp (if you ID it correctly) was unlikely to be legitimately used that late (issued around 1850).


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7LB1 cover
7LB1 cover  
7LB1 cover
7LB1 cover  
QUESTION: Sorry for taking so long to respond. I am a totally ignorant computer user and had to get a friend to scan and attach. Also, note that these 65 yr. old fingers hit the wrong # and the env. in question is dated March 7 0f 1849, not 69.
Bill, I thank you so very much!

ANSWER: Sorry, but it looks fake to me.


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QUESTION: No harm done and no need to feel 'sorry';however, how about an objective reason(s) for your opinion? I am not much into subjective reasoning. I am sure with your expertise you can come up with a few reasons for your opinion that I can use in future opinions that I may receive.
I do thank you for your time and effort... and DO respect your opinion.

Sorry Ed, but I expertize stamps for my livelihood, and while I am an expert on this site who is willing to try to be generally helpful when asked questions, that does not mean that I am willing to literally "give lessons" to anyone why something is likely to not be genuine.  If you want to hire me formally, my website is There you will find all the info you need in order to submit the item to me for certification.

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