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Stamps (Philately)/Stamps Ive found on old postcards


How do I find out if what I have here is worth anything? I found an old box of postcards which have stamps on them, they all seem to be in good shape and I just wondered what if anything they are worth?


 You may want to take them to a local stamp dealer in the area,there is one in Royal Oak. You could take some pictures and send them to me and I could give you some idea of worth. The one thing you mentioned was that they are old, many people base old on their age so if you have postcards from the Civil War era they have some worth based on stamps and historical factors. If from the 1900-30's there may be some rare stamps affixed to them. Anything past the 1930's are hardly collectable for the stamps but may have a topical interest to some if the cards are not plain.I hope this helps,please ask more questions if I didn't answer your question fully.


Stamps (Philately)

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