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I inherited my father's stamp collection. It appears he began collecting them in the 1930's. There are 117 pages containing stamps from around the globe. There is a stamp from Barma. It has a green background, it has been cancelled but the date is not clear, the only English I can see on it is "postage" and "Barma", there is no face value that I can read but most of the stamp is printed in a language I do not know. Can you shed any light on this with what limited information I have been able to supply?

Dear Lynda,
Glad to know that your Father left stamps for you.Without looking at the stamps, it is not possible to judge their value. This holds good for any stamp including the one of Burma.It may be treasure trove or just normal stamp not of much value. You may like to show the collection to one philatelist in your town, may be to one member of the Philatelic Society or to a dealer nearby. I feel this is best option to judge the value. But I may bring out that vintage of a stamp doesn't have any relation with its present value. Century old stamps are available for a few cents, some recent ones are comparatively costly. Regards...bk

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