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I have recently taken ownership of a stamp collection of the middle east and commonwealth country's including Cyprus. Would I be able to send you some images of the few pages I have of Cyprus stamps. I am new to this and looking for a bit of guidance as to value.

Thank you


Hello Robin

Please forgive my delay in replying, I've not been too well the last couple of days...

Unfortunately, we don't generally offer to provide valuations as basically a stamp is worth only what another collector (or dealer) is willing to pay for it at the time of it being offered for sale and can change from one week to the next.

We're happy to help with the odd image or even an album page but unfortunately, we cannot really attempt to look at larger selections. However, if you have your stamps on only a few album pages and know the year/s of issue please feel free to email me on: info[at] (replace the [at] with @) where you can attach clear photographs.

To be truthful, the best place even now to seek information on the value of stamps in today's market is eBay. They have recently made some changes to their search (under the Advanced Search text link situated at the top right hand side of the website) and you can now seek out only "Sold Listings".

Simply type Cyprus stamps into the Keywords field and then tick on Sold Listings and hit the Search button. This will bring up a list of all completed sales with the Sold price marked in Green and the postage costs displayed separately. For instance on eBay UK just now, I can see over 3,000 such completed sales.

And sadly stamp catalogues, although very useful they do often mislead Collectors when it comes to offering their selections up for sale as they are generally set above the current market value.

As an example on we aim to keep our prices at approximately 50 percent of the current Stanley Gibbons marked prices.

Our own listings are provided with scanned images and may be a good place to start your research to identify or catalogue the stamps you have if you don't currently have a catalogue of your own to help you. Our listings are indexed using Stanley Gibbons catalogue references.

I hope this information is useful.

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I specialize only in Cyprus stamps (Republic) and North Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) stamps and First Day Covers. Please note: I can only answer questions on stamps from the country (island) of Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean. All Cyprus stamps will have: , KIBRIS or CYPRUS printed on them! I can answer most questions related to stamps and values. I can provide opinions on values as a collector of Cyprus stamps but not as a professional. I do not have any knowledge of stamps from USA or other countries. For these stamps please direct your questions to another Specialist.


I am a long time collector based in Limassol, Cyprus for over 12 years with access and contacts to relevant information. Unfortunately, due to a family illness I had to return permanently to my home country in May 2016.

I am a member of the Cyprus Philatelist Society.

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