Stamps (Philately)/Perf 11 stamps.


What would the injecting of 50 or 60 used excellent condition Washington& Ben Franklin rotary perf 11 stamps do to the value of existing stamps . about thirty known.

Hi Leigh,

 I do not see the point of trying to guess about something that is virtually impossible to occur. You do not own 50-60 of any stamp that is a great rarity even though you may think you do, but you do not, and you are surely confused or misunderstanding the correct identification of the item.  My best advice is to forget that you think you may own 50-60 of the same rare stamp.  And you can, of course, prove this by simply submitting one or two to a recognized expert service. Here is the website of mine; If you seriously want to know if you own a rare stamp, submit a few and find out for sure.


Stamps (Philately)

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