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QUESTION: I have a Pakistan stamp below which is written India Postage ..other features are it is valued as 1R with picture of some British king and 2 elephants ..would like know the value..if possible would sale it ..

ANSWER: Dear Sugata,
Glad to know that you have probably King George VI Re 1 stamp for continued use in India, was also overprinted after our independence on 15 Aug 1947 for use in Pakistan. Though quite old but very common stamp. Plenty of such stamps are with the philatelist and in the philatelic market. Afraid to state that it is not much of value as you may be thinking, may not be worth going here and there, trying selling. I will suggest you keep this one as souvenir. ...bk

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QUESTION: sir,thank you for immediate response ..even though my inquisitiveness pinches ..what could be the price ,,an idea would be satisfying .

Dear Sugata,
Good to learn about inquisitiveness to know more about the stamp. Price of anything including stamps is basically an agreement between a seller and buyer and availability of stamps. Though some stamps are old enough to have doubt about market price. Some stamps are available in plenty, may be in hundreds if not thousands. King George VI Re 1 stamp falls in this category. For perfect stamp of this kind, I will not prefer to pay around Rs 30-40. Hope you are not dejected but what I said is a fact....... bk

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