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I asked the below question and received an answer but was unable to ask a follow-up question since Mr. Leon was on vacation. Hopefully you can help.

I realize that I may not have noted emphasized some important information. about the imprinted stamp. Unlike the U436 all the writing appears to be done in black and the purple coloring (which is somewhat uniform) covers the entire embossed stamp except for the center head figure. More importantly, the embossed stamp is done inside in reverse, making it look correct and readable from the outside of the envelope (which I thought was observable from the scan). That would indicate it was intentional.

Hope you can help. Thank you.

Original Question: I'm not very knowledgeable about stamped envelopes/wrappers and would appreciate some info on the following. I have what appears to be an unused stamped envelope with a typical 3 printed imprint that looks like U436. It is printed/embossed on the inside of the envelope which is colored purple (except for the head) also inside the envelope. The stamp can be seen from the outside. I have attached a scan to help identify. Is this a common item or something unique? My thanks in advance.

Neither common nor unique.  My best interpretation from the scan is that the embossing die was accidentally inked when an envelope blank failed to advance into the press and then two blanks advanced at the same time resulting in one normal envelope and one envelope printed on the inside.  The return address was applied by a private printer who did not notice this unusual envelope.  Changes in printing equipment in an attempt to achieve high speed production and fluctuations in the quality of the pressmen due to a few wars and an apparent lack of inspection on the finished product allowed many faulty envelopes into the public arena.  These are worth a few dollars to EFO specialists but not hundreds of dollars.

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