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Harding (613)
Harding (613)  

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Harding 4  
Hi Mr. Leon
Montreal Stamps and Coins had an auction , this past weekend. I bought a huge box of American stamps. Among these, in a stamp album 3 X 2cent Harding stamps: 1 measures: 22.5 mm X 19.50 mm , perf 11, this is # 610? Correct?
The second one,right next to it, measures : 22.50 X 19.50 and is perf 10, this is a # 612? Correct ? and the 3rd,one , in this same album measures: 19.25 mm X 22.50mm and is a PERF 11 , which I believe is a # 613. We measured these 3 stamps with a numerical caliper (very precise) and the perfs were measured over and over to make sure with different perf gauges and always came out the same. If I do have this # 613 .. how safe is it to send it to an expert in the US.. thanks a mil. Denyse


While design size is a factor in distinguishing between 610, 612 and 613, the major differences are printing method and perforation spacing.  You stated you have perforation gauges, so I will assume that your 613 candidate is indeed perforated 11 (holes per ten millimeters).  The next step is to determine printing method.  610 was printed by flat plate, while 612 and 613 were printed by rotary press (which accounts for the slight elongation of design width).  610s (and the imperforate 611s) show sharp, clean designs, while 612s and 613s are, by comparison, "rough" in appearance.  Side-by-side, the two versions are unmistakenly different.  Your 613 candidate should have the same appearance as your known perf 10 612, and look noticeably different from your known perf 11 610.

So if you are confident in your 613 find (and new discoveries still happen), you can safely send your stamp to an expertizing service via Registered Mail.  I recommend either the Philatelic Foundation ( or the American Philatelic Society ( expert committee.

Good luck!

-Mark Leon

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