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QUESTION: Dear sir,
I had started collecting fdc of india from 2009. I am collecting fdc covers of miniature sheets and sheetlets from the years 2009.  older miniature fdc are available. some of them are official and some of them are on private covers. are these private covers available from some dealers and online shopping sites valid. same is in the case of sheetlet covers. are there any other collectors collecting sheetlet f d covers so as to complete my collections. please help so as to continue or leave this colection. as some of my other friends of stamps collectors group are saying that pvt. fdc's have no value. sheetlets are bigger in size compairable to availability of official fdc's
waiting your reply.

ANSWER: Dear Shivam,
Glad to know that you are keen in India First Day Covers of stamps mini sheets and sheetlets. Good, you are on somewhat odd section of India philately. Many of the issued FDCs are for stamps only, some mini sheets fit on to the covers but none of the sheetlets, interested philatelist make their own covers, some are blank but some are custom made with pictures.It is the individual's choice. After all philately is for pleasure. And what do you mean when you say if these covers are valid? Valid, what for and where? Collectors do collect these items as they like it. These will continue to move from collector ( sometimes dealer) to collector, have their own importance. In which city, you are at the moment, may be then I can find and let you one collector having this field of interest. Best wishes...bk

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: i am from kolkatta. will you give me some contact details  of collectors / dealers with my interest of feild. city does not matters to me.

Dear Shivam,

GREETINGS from Nagpals. Glad to hear again. I know there is one collector in Kolkata,Rishi Swaroop Singhania" <> who is collecting items similar to what you are collecting. You may like to contact him, you may give my reference.  Wish both of you to have nice time in the Hobby. Best wishes...bk

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