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Cassatt Streak Error
Cassatt Streak Error  
I have a Mary Cassatt stamp with an ink streak error - a thin purple line is evident running directly through the right side of the face.  I have tried to find out the value of this stamp and if it is a previously recorded error but can find no information.

Any information or advice would be appreciated.

The stamp is real cool and the picture was great. I do not collect errors/freaks, but delayed in answering your question until I talk to a couple of people who run auctions. They both said they have not seen this error and doubt it would add much value. If it were mine I would save it and send it in to the APS to be expertized. If the stamp has always been in your possession then you know its real,generally an error is not on just one stamp and/or sheet on stamps. A collector who collects this type of material probably would pay up to $6-10.I hope this helps.

Mike Lancial

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